Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Prayer

I know I haven't written in a while so if anyone is still reading this then I apologize. If not, my pastor once told me to use my gifts even if no one was around to hear them so...

I stopped making New Years Resolutions a couple years ago. It just seemed like it always ended up being a good way to track my failures from year to year. I'm not much of a planner anyway so it was something that was easy for me to give up. I realized pretty quickly, however, that just because I stopped making these resolutions and telling others that it didn't really stop me from thinking about them. So... I've been thinking about this years "changes" and I've been able to narrow this very cumbersome list down to just one item. I cannot take credit for this item because it's something that I got from a Craig Groeschel podcast series called "30 days to Live". It comes from week 2 of this series about the life of a man named Larry Damerval. Larry was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and shared his thoughts and emotions during this very moving series about what life would be like if you only had 30 days to live.

So... instead of making a resolution, I think I'm going to take Larry's advice and adopt it into a prayer. In the video above he makes the following statement.

Look at life as “How can I take one step today to be closer to God than I was yesterday.”

That is my prayer for this year. I want to draw closer to God every single day.

you can find more about larry and other messages at www.lifechurch.tv