Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The unexpected

This is a short clip from one of my all time favorite movies called Dangerous Minds. It's a movie about hope and inspiration and the soundtrack is pretty good too. In this clip you see a teacher/parent visit after Raul (the student) has just gotten into a fight and been suspended from school. You can tell from the parents actions that this is not the first time that Raul has been in trouble. Then Miss Johnson (the teacher) does something that is totally unexpected and shocking to them. She praises Raul for being a good student and tells his parents that he is "one of my favorites".

While watching this clip for about the twentieth time this morning, it struck me as to gracious and loving this is. It showed genuine care and concern for this troubled youth. Too many times we look at pieces of peoples lives and make harsh judgements and criticisms which harden our heart toward them, when we should be showing them the love, grace and mercy that is available through Jesus Christ. You may never know what affect that moment of grace, love and mercy may have on someones life.

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